We are building an extensive list of resources for Licensed Family Child Care.  Currently we are only able to share a couple resources, but check back often as this list will grow over time.

Click on the standard below to see specific resources associated with each standard for licensed family child care programs.  Not all standards have resources at this time.

Are you struggling with a particular standard?  Contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency.  They can offer licensed child care programs technical assistance and consultation on ExceleRate standards.

Town Square is an online resource available to Family Child Care providers.  Town Square understands that family child care is essential to providing quality care for all children. They value the work of providers and understand the unique challenges you face balancing the needs of your home and small business.  They have organized the resources on Town Square so you can quickly get answers, have resources at your fingertips, and stay connected to your colleagues and other professionals. 


1. Teaching & Learning

1A. Learning Environment

1B. Safe and Healthy Environment

1C. Interactions

1D. Curriculum and Child Assessment

1E. Child Screening

1F. Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

1G. Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate practice


2. Family & Community Engagement

2A. Family-Provider Communication and Collaboration 

2B. Connecting and Supporting Families

2C. Transitions


3. Leadership & Management

3A. Business Management

3B. Ratios

3C. Continuous Quality Improvement


4. Qualifications & Continuing Education

4A. FCC Provider Qualifications

4B. FCC Assistant and Substitute Qualifications

4C. FCC Provider Support

4D. Ongoing Professional Development




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