2. Family and Community Engagement

2A. Family and Community Engagement

Brief Overview of Standard: Engaging and building strong partnerships with families fosters a child’s learning and development both in and out of the child’s home. It is critical for programs to involve families in authentic opportunities to promote quality experiences and environments for children. 

Specific Tools

Program Administration Scale (PAS)
The Program Administration Scale (PAS) is a valid and reliable instrument designed to measure the leadership and management practices of early childhood programs. The PAS provides valuable information to directors about the quality of their administrative practices and can be used as a springboard for program improvement efforts.

Strengthening Families Program Self-Assessment

Strengthening Families Staff Survey
From Strengthening Families, a paper and pencil staff self-assessment survey intended to be anonymous to gauge how Strengthening Families impacts providers’ work. See #12 & #13 on p. 4/6 and #14 on p. 5/6 for self-reflection questions on engaging parents, including parents of different cultures than provider.

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Interactive Framework
The Office of Head Start (OHS) PFCE Framework is a road map for progress. It assists Head Start programs in achieving the kinds of outcomes that lead to positive and enduring change for children and families. The Framework is a research-based approach that shows how a program can work together across systems and service areas to promote PFCE and children's learning and development.    


Informational Resources

Guidance for Community Engagement Strategies for Early Childhood Programs 
Guidance Document (252 KB)
This guidance was created to support center-based programs in developing community engagement strategies that help families stay connected to their local community, build family voice, and encourage collaboration with others to improve early childhood services and community issues. The general framework is comprised of three strategies: Community Systems, Community Organizing, and Community Outreach.

Strengthening Families Initiative
Strengthening Families is a framework of five research-based Protective Factors that give parents what they need to parent effectively, even under stress:

For adults:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections for families
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Concrete supports in time of need

For children:

  • Healthy social and emotional development

Supporting Research and Resource for ExceleRate Illinois Family and Community Engagement
Resource Guide (230 KB)  
This document was developed for programs working on the Award of Excellence for Family and Community Engagement.  However all resources listed in this document can be useful and helpful to any program that is looking to increase quality in the area of Family and Community Engagement.