If a program did not achieve the Gold Circle of Quality due to assessment scores, INCCRRA will determine if verification results may qualify the program for the Silver Circle of Quality. If the program does not attain a Silver or Gold Circle as a result of this secondary review, they would have the option to appeal the Gold ineligibility decision (as that is the Circle initially applied for).
Gold Appeal Process:

  1. Program must contact and receive technical assistance from the CCR&R Quality or Infant Toddler specialist at the local CCR&R within 45 calendar days of the ineligibility determination date from INCCRRA. This technical assistance is the opportunity for the program to get clarification on the ERS/PAS/BAS assessment reports the program has received.  INCCRRA will be informed once this initial contact has been completed.

    Note: It is the program’s responsibility to contact the CCR&R specialist to set up a time to discuss results, as well as share assessment reports.  Do not wait until the last minute to contact the CCR&R to receive technical assistance.  Appeal time frame will not be extended beyond 45 days for technical assistance to occur.

  2. The program’s application was for the Gold Circle of Quality.  If the program still chooses to appeal their Gold ineligibility decision after this technical assistance has been provided, a formal appeal letter may be submitted to INCCRRA. The specialist will not assist programs with writing an appeal. The program has 30 calendar days after the technical assistance date in which to file an appeal to the ExceleRate Illinois Coordinator in writing.

Appeal must include:

  1. Program Information:
    -  Program DCFS license number
    -  Program address
    -  Program contact information
  2. The program must list the Gold Circle of Quality assessment scores they are requesting be reviewed.
  3. The program must list the Items/indicators for the classroom/s that are being appealed, and an explanation of why the program is appealing these scores.
  4. For the Program Administration Scale (PAS) for centers and Business Administration Scale (BAS) for family child care, the program must list the Items/indicators that are being appealed, and an explanation of why the program is appealing these scores.
  5. No photographs or policy documentation will be accepted as part of the appeal. At the end of the verification visit, the administrator and assessor discuss what pieces of documentation are missing and both parties acknowledge and sign-off on paperwork. If submitted, this information will not be reviewed or kept on file at INCCRRA.

Appeals should be submitted in writing to:
1226 Towanda Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61701
Attn: ExceleRate Illinois Program Coordinator

After consultation with McCormick Center- National Louis University and appropriate State agencies, INCCRRA will send appeal response in writing to the program within 60 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. The appeal decision is final.

If there is a change in assessment scores or Circle of Quality based on the appeal, an updated set of assessment report(s) along with an updated eligibility letter will be sent to the program. If applicable, any incentives associated with the updated rating would be effective the month following the appeal decision.

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